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Why Is Video Spin Blaster The Best Video Creator:


Generate videos by combining image and video slides


Make hundreds unique copies from one video


Add human like voice generated from text


Generate 10 minute HD video in less than 10 seconds

We and our clients uploaded over 1 million videos in the last years!

Without having to waste a ton of time creating unique videos and waiting an eternity for them to render.

And to make things even easier, we included a revolutionary natural sounding Text-To-Speech system that will bost your conversions !

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, than the videos above will make you understand the power of this tool…


Take a look at this video samples created with Video Spin Blaster PRO:

Ice Bucket Video

Promoting Offline Business


NOTE: The voice from the videos is automaticaly generated with our revolutionary Text-To-Speech engine! You simply input the text, and Video Spin Blaster Pro speaks it for you, 100% automatically!


You can use Video Spin Blaster for:


Stunning Image and Video SlideShows


Product Promotion Videos


Affiliate Review Videos


Amazon Product Review Videos


Spin one video file into 1000 unique videos.


Mass watermark videos.


Human like Text-To-Speech

Everything without having to learn anything new, or WAITING an eternity to render your videos…

Let me give you a quick example. Creating a slideshow video using Camtasia that will have the length of 10 minutes and will contain about 20 slides, will take at least 30-50 minutes to do. Of course this depends on how quick you move on your PC.

With VSB Pro you can actually create a 10 minute long video in less than 2 minutes. In this 2 minutes I include the downloading of images, of sounds and adding text and a watermark to the video.

The actual render of the video take less than 10 seconds.

Incredible right?


Generate videos with image and video slides

Export videos as PPT slideshows

Make hundreds unique copies from one video


Transform articles to videos with voice over

Add human like voice generated from text

Generate 10 minute HD video in less than 10 seconds

In the world of Video Marketing

Time is Money!

VSB PRO 2 is all about SPEED

We all know that if you want to do video marketing, mass is the KEY. Creating videos with the  traditional softwares is not only inefficient, but also hard and slow.

And if you are doing YouTube marketing you will know that it’s impossible to upload the same video multiple times (to traget different niches) because that video will be detected as duplicate.

Again, Video Spin Blaster Pro 2 is here to help. Not only you can create tons of videos from the same slides by randomizing them, but if you already created a video (with any video creation software) you can SPIN IT.

By spinning a video Video Spin Blaster Pro 2 can generate thousands of unique copies of that video file, so YouTube does not detect the files as duplicate.

With an uniquie algorithm Video Spin Blaster Pro 2 will re-encode the video and append random color pixels so it totally modifies the video in the eyes of YouTube.

Buy what good is speed without QUALITY

We worked months to make sure that it will be very eas y, even for a child to create stunning looking videos with Video Spin Blaster PRO 2. Every video creator that will allow you to create high quality videos is very hard to master (a lot of timeframes, hard to achive effects,etc) so we had to keep our software as simple as the first version but allow you to create dynamic videos fast and easy. That’s why we included a series of new features and improved a lot of the old features:

  • Combine video and image slides to make your videos more dynamic
  • Improved Text-To-Speech engine, giving it a real human voice
  • Multiple audio streams, allowing you to add speech and background music
  • New high quality video effects
  • Multi langauage TTS support

About Quality…

Check out this video created with Video Spin Blaster PRO!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Video Spin Blaster is the best Video Creator software!

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WoW it WORKS! (better & easier than advertised!)

1st let me say that before today, I’d NEVER created a single video! I’m a COMPLETE NEWBIE and definitely NOT a “techie” but WITH this software, I created 5 AWESOME videos in about 8 minutes! WoW!


Just purchased and tested your software. Not sure about the original version as I did not purchase that one but this one. This one, is a work of art. Definitely NBAY.COM approved.

Nile Vincent

Fast and Easy video production at it’s best…and I mean quick and easy!!! Vlad’s Video Spin Blaster Pro" is the software we’ve been dreaming about! Do you want to get those videos up on YouTube or any of the other video distributing sites?…and have your images, audios and anything else relating to your production spreading viral in a matter of minutes…? This can be doneand thousands of variations with no technical issues


Vlad is one of the few developers that has been around the block and fully supports his customers.. very few people that I just say take my money when he launches something

Kal B

Honestly, I did purchase software with similar quality and complexity before but I have never seen these three things in one bundle: 1, Quality software built on a great platform 2, Premium support, pretty much with your own developer 3, Such a low price point. Under $50 ??!!??


Just purchased. This is a masterpiece software at a very good price too. I love the quickness of speed with which it functions and thanks a lot for making this a WSO and a complete package all by itself.

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