Video Spin Blaster Pro

We all know that Video Marketing's most expensive resource is TIME.
We have been doing Video Marketing for over 4 years and we know how time consuming is creating videos that will convert your viewers into leads!

We and our clients uploaded over 1 million videos in the last years!
Without having to waste a ton of time creating unique videos and waiting an eternity for them to render.

We always had an ace up our sleeves, that Ace is Video Spin Blaster Pro!

Let me give you a quick example.
Creating a slideshow video using Camtasia that will have the length of 10 minutes and will contain about 20 slides, will take at least 30-50 minutes to do.

Of course this depends on how quick you move on your PC.

But with VSB Pro you can actually create a 10 minute long video in less than 2 minutes.

In this 2 minutes I include the downloading of images, of sounds and adding text and a watermark to the video.

The actual render of the video take less than 10 seconds.

Incredible right?

In case you don't know yet, 60% of all online traffic comes from Video directories, the biggest one being YouTube. From 2012 to 2013 YouTube increased it's viewers by 200% and the figures go up month by month. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US.

Everyone wants a slice of the pie, and you should also!

Video Spin Blaster Pro was designed by Video Marketeres for Video Marketers to be very easy to use. By modifing a few options you can start generating tons of videos in seconds!

We all know that if you want to do video marketing, mass is the KEY. Creating videos with the traditional softwares is not only inefficient, but also hard and slow.

And if you are doing YouTube marketing you will know that it's impossible to upload the same video multiple times (to traget different niches) because that video will be detected as duplicate.

Again, Video Spin Blaster Pro 2 is here to help. Not only you can create tons of videos from the same slides by randomizing them, but if you already created a video (with any video creation software) you can SPIN IT.
By spinning a video Video Spin Blaster Pro 2 can generate thousands of unique copies of that video file, so YouTube does not detect the files as duplicate.

With an uniquie algorithm Video Spin Blaster Pro 2 will re-encode the video and append random color pixels so it totally modifies the video in the eyes of YouTube

We worked months to make sure that it will be very easy, even for a child to create stunning looking videos with Video Spin Blaster PRO 2.
Every video creator that will allow you to create high quality videos is very hard to master (a lot of timeframes, hard to achive effects,etc) so we had to keep our software as simple as the first version but allow you to create dynamic videos fast and easy.
That's why we included a series of new features and improved a lot of the old features:
If you refresh this page probably you will see a higher price.(refresh or leave this page on your own risk)

Therefor it's in your own best interest to get it now because that's the only way you can guarantee you will get it at this ridiculously low price!

All our friends and clients told us that we are crazy that we are not asking at least 97$ for such a complex software...

We want to keep the price as low as possible so everybody can see the quality of the Blaster products.

Check out some of the features of VSB Pro and you will understand why our friends think that we are crazy...

Feature name
Video Spin Blaster Pro
Individual watermark for every slide
Add text for every slide
Auto download articles and split them between slides
Set custom watermark and text positions for every slide
Download copyright free images automatically
Download copyryght free music and add it to your video
Rearange slides
Set custom slide duration
Automatically select thumbnail for YouTube
Fast preview of every slide
New Text To Speech human voice.
Combine images and videos together.
Align text from slides.
Multiple languages support for Text To Speech engine.
Generate PPT from the image/video slides (requires PowerPoint installed)
Support for multiple video lists at a time
Select output quality of video
Pre-defined video size (HD, Ultra HD, LQ)
Add watermarks to uploaded videos
Select single watermark or random watermarks
Set random watermark position
Randomly select an audio background from folder
Generate videos fast (without transitions), 10 minute HD video in less than 10 seconds
Randomize slides to obtain hundreds of videos with 1 click
Spin existing videos to make them unique for YouTube and others
Add image or text watermark to existing videos
Transform text in audio and add it to your video
Cut random time from start or end of existing videos
Change audio from file or random file from directory for existing videos
Generate up to 1000 unique video copies from an existing video by adding random pixel watermark
Generate multiple videos at a time
Convert existing videos to different formats (flv, mp4, wmv, mpg, avi).

It's split testing on steroids!
You can create hundreds of videos, and than upload all of them with different titles, descriptions & tags.
After you do this you just need to see what videos are performing better and stick with what works.

You can see not only what titles and descriptions work best but also what type of slides users like.
It's that easy to do split testing when you are using the power of Video Spin Blaster Pro 2.

What used to take weeks implementing and testing now can be done in a matter of minutes.

Start creating, split testing and banking from your affiliate campaigns faster than ever!

How many IM tools you've encountered that got more than 130 updates (on a single software) in 3 years? We are making sure that all our clients are satisfied with our products and all the feature requests are implemented in our tools!

This way we were able to create a brand! (I know it sounds cheesy but that's the reality)

I’m ready to get to the next Video Marketing level.

I understand that:

      The unique methods of VSB Pro will dramatically increase my free time.
      I will be able to create hundreds of videos with 1 CLICK!
      I will be able to spin existing videos so I can upload them hundreds of times on YouTube
      The power of VSB Pro will help me create videos from scratch, without having any images or music on my PC.
      The software can be used to make videos for ANY Video directory (YouTube, Vimeo,Metacafe, Dailymotion etc...)

     To your great success,

* No PS's, Mate... You've got everything you need to either Win... or Whine. You Decide- just do it Soon!
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